It’s the simple things
You never said
Your imaginary lullabies
Went to your head
You weren’t any good
At Roman history
So why did you
Fall in love with Italy

It’s the other things
Left unsaid
It’s not all the tears
That make you sad
You didn’t have any
Luck at all
So why are you
Destroying that wall

Face up to me
Let’s see if you can
Make me understand
Don’t retreat
Don’t subtract
The sum of all your lies

Those imaginary things
Put to use
The needles and pins
And physical abuse
You was not so good
At Greek philosophy
So why are you Athens
And ignoring me

The tragic things
Blamed it on the gods
Flying kites so high
Being a lightning rod
You weren’t so good
At anything at all
Two left feet
You can’t dribble a ball

Look up to me
Let’s see if you can
Let me see the reason
So don’t retreat
Don’t divide
The sum of all your lies

It takes energy to run
It takes heart to stand and fight
It’s so simple even for you
What do you expect me to do
Trouble comes with a capital t
When you start to love me
I can see the agony in your eyes
And the sum of all your lies

Saying that won’t make me go away
I want to understand so I stay
Is it so hard to speak your mind
I have eyes I’m not so blind
Deception is the enemy
Especially if you love me
Are you calculating my demise
With the sum of all your lies

Say something don’t freeze up
This topic is red hot right now
Is it so hard to communicate
Let me know someway somehow
Adamant that you are right
You don’t even say goodnight
I’m alone and deciphering X and Ys
The sum of all your lies