I feel it in my bones
Tired of going nowhere
I see it in my posts
Tired of being so old
Mist in my eyes
Too many knots to address
Too deep inside
I’m just a mess

I had a good idea
It faded away
I had a point of view
Do you like what I say
Sand in my eyes
From sleepless nights
Thinking when awake
I’m just a mess

What if I disappeared
Noone would miss me
I’m saying all the wrong things
Being all the drab fiends
I’ve got my fingers caught
In the honey trap again

I see there is no escape
Life is a labyrinth
Playtime ended prematurely
We started to regress
Tear in my eye
Problems are onions
Rubbing them makes it worse
I’m just a mess

Where will this end
Unfortunately unhappy
Sorry if I came
I upset you
Wipe it from your eyes
Why are you surprised
You contributed to my demise
I’m just a mess

In a perfect world
You would be all happy
In an imaginary world
Everyone would be free
If I can’t live in shit
In this real world
How do you expect me
To live in a parallel reality
Knocking through walls
Falling on hurdles
Bitten by the spiders
Who didn’t appreciate the dust
Of urban decay
Under the floor boards
Extinct snakes slither
Feed them your wrists
For them to feed on
Broken glass in the hallway
Unanswered phone
Shit went bad in the fruit bowl
When you live alone

Something in your eye
An eyelash
Or a razor blade
We all went to school
Lost our innocence
When we got laid
Ever since then
We tried to understand
Why we need to be together
Why satisfy your demands
Can we all be selfish
Or be slaves to the dominant one
Can we shut out all the voices
The anxieties and paranoia
Why is this will to survive
So fucking strong
Why have we spent fifty years
Just looking for the one

I feel it in my bones
My dilemma is not heard
I could be the best poet ever
But that would be absurd
For me it’s always closing time
I hate being ignored
The beauty wilted in me
I’m naturally flawed
I’m also a fucking mess
I’m here rotting away
I’m still the ungrateful fiend
Just like everyday

The golden years are over
Everything has no sense
Nothing can be like before
That is evident
I’m just a mess
You know that better than me
If I cancel my existence
I could set you free

There is something in my eye
Everything is blurred
I have no more objectives
My voice is never heard
Let’s get this over with
Abuse and decay
I’m sorry for being such a mess
And getting in your way