You know it will be coming soon
Clouds will clear
Surprises on the horizon
Make you feel whole again
It’s coming soon
The snow will melt
Spring will return
Feel the warmth of the sun
Budding plants
Let’s see you smile again

Every day can’t be a bad day
Not entirely
Someone will make you laugh
Just one pleasant thought
A smirk
A ray of sunlight
Is coming

You can stomp your feet
In the largest puddle
Even though your socks are wet
Feet full of dye
You just know within an hour
They’ll be warm and dry

Even in the deadliest blizzard
Someone cracks a joke
With the heating gone to shit
And the water froze
Freezing your bollocks off
In musky woollen clothes
The thaw is coming

There will be water everywhere
Rivers break their banks
Adding to your tears
Hasn’t been this bad
For fifty years
It’s a disaster
Heart wrenching
But with grit and determination
You will rise again

It’s coming
A better day
A perfect hour
A glorious minute
Look forward to that

Above all in this state of affairs
Viruses out of control
Out of work
Almost out of hope
Politicians losing the plot
The votes
Their power
Mind games in the middle
Of war games
No matter how corrupt
It’s coming
A better day
Politicians won’t last forever
Not Thatcher
Not Trump
Stalin or Putin
They will be swept aside
Buried in the past

A storm will lose its fury
The wind will calm down
Enough to strengthen your grip
In the devastated part of town
The snow drifts stop drifting
Etna will stop spewing lava
Earthquakes last a minute or two
Stay safe in what you do

With so much death and destruction
With so much bad news
We should be thinking of the positive
Only this way can we get through
So just think of another moment
Under the summer sun
Even if it’s happiness for a second
It’s still another battle win
You might not win the war
You might not score again
But one ray of light is warmth
Something to soothe the pain