Why don’t people just do what they want to do
Without thinking of the consequences
Afraid to be ashamed
The fear of being pushed away
By the heartless
Is it all a losers game
Don’t the what ifs strangle you at night
Let your hair down
You will never know
The worst of the worst is a no

So you are looking at me
What are you trying to say
Do you hate me or fancy me
Inform me either way
Come on over and hit me
Come here and kiss me
If you want, take that delicious looking knife
Shove it deep into my throat
At least you are truthful
There are no mixed messages
We’ve turned the page
We set things straight
We are kissing fiercely
Or I know I am the one you hate

If your relationship has become stagnant
Get out
If that cruel bastard is violent
Walk away
If your sleazy husband is fucking his secretary
Shame his ass
Show the world in glorious colour
What an animal he is
Video clips of his brutality
I only wish things were this easy
Everyone deserves better
No he won’t change
No he doesn’t love you
Break the chains
Be free again

Why don’t people just take a deep breathe
Get out of jail get out of hell
Leave all the demons behind
Be proud of yourself
We don’t mind

We have too many differences
Obeying so many rules
Get your ass to work on time
The treat you like a fool
You have to keep a low profile
When the boss is being a twat
Sometimes it’s difficult to stay silent
I’m a witness to that

It’s all so complicated
This ain’t a Netflix serial
There is no end of part one
No extras eating cereal
To get ahead you need to be true
Show the world the real you
Don’t waste energy on false friends
Walk the walk peace and hope

Just speak your mind
Your conscience is your friend
Don’t worry about the giddiness
The butterflies are all inside us
Put yourself first
Don’t let anyone walk over you
Say what your heart suggests
Don’t bow to mind control

Talk to anyone
Within reason
If they look good enough to eat
Have a little taste
Just don’t go too fast too soon
Tomorrow is not a honeymoon
Have a little fun
Be good to everyone