Did you hear about the variant
It went off on a tangent
It created a diversion
When we was all feeling safe

Will it make a mockery of the vaccine
The placebo pills and plasticine
Are the governments doing enough to shield you
All the pharmaceutical firms are getting rich

What’s in it for you
You use to say it was just flu
What made you change your mind
Was it the lack of social intermixing
Didn’t you hate the fake news
Didn’t you hate all of China
Didn’t you spread worthless lies
Now the vaccine is in you

Everyone is queuing for an injection
It’s like 1970s England all over again
We’ve learnt not to share a needle
Wash our hands after every pause
For thought we’re overthinking again
Asking when will this all end
It’s a tough deal for society
How many vaccines will be left for you and me

You’ve been brainwashed on Facebook
But now they need you to understand
That this dilemma is brutal and real
Every health alert makes good money
For the advertising policy of Zuckerberg
Don’t write anything that can be discriminatory
Only the rich and famous get away with that
Just retweeting is deemed inflammatory

Now we are scared of another variant
They might just shut our factories down
Foreign competition and Bentzens brixit
Has emptied many northern towns
You just can’t compete with defeat
It wasn’t their game to lose
Now the variant is cheating at cards
We sit at home drinking foul cheap booze

Everyone and everybody shocked
The economy and society rocked
Nobody knows where we are going to
We can only try to understand
What we are all going through
Sitting tight in a fragile existence
Waiting for spring and it’s abundance
Of positivity but for now we just sit
And wait for the world to beat this disease
Then we get up off our knees
Squint at the sun with tears in our eyes
We should never forget the governments lies
The mass murderers of Downing Street
Their dithering and inept policies
That led to a spike in the deceased
Unnecessary deaths that they should be accounted for
They should not be able to sleep soundly at night
With their million pound bank accounts
The multi billion pound arms deals
Sponsored by murderers
Policies made them murderers
Is this a variant of transparent government actions
Or just a cesspool of greed and jealousy

Put the cure as the number one policy
Help the people who need care and support
We don’t want you bailing out the banks
Those thieving bastards who ruined the high street
Incompetence in the corridors of power
Has decimated so many of the older generation
Next Christmas granny won’t be cooking the turkey
Grandpa won’t be farting away in his arm chair
Don’t hide from the truth Boris
You have blood on your hands