I have something say
Don’t know how to put it
Do I have enough time to
show my feelings to you
I’m thinking out loud
Not feeling so proud
What I wanted to say is
Well it doesn’t matter anymore
Why are you ignoring me
Why aren’t you looking at me
Concentrating on your phone
You make me feel alone
Have you built a wall between us
Doesn’t this mean something to us
If I shout you still won’t fucking hear me

Beating around the bush
Talking about the weather and crap
I really wanted to say something about your eyes
Guess you don’t like that type of surprise
Wish you was thinking of me
Guess that’s far from reality
I should drink up and go home
You seem so attached to your bloody phone

Hey gorgeous is all I could say
You just happened to walk away
Time for a cigarette or a break
Maybe I’m my own worst mistake
Never got time alone
Always a friend in need somewhere
You joked to fill the awkward moments
Most of the time you wasn’t there
And then you smiled to me
It meant so much to me
You got me hooked I’m the bait
Looking for something tastier for your plate

Beating around the bush
And beating myself up
If I had to compete in a race
I would never win a cup
Wish you was looking at me
Accept what I’m thinking of you
Sorry if you are my fantasy
In everything you do

I just never got to tell her straight
Lost my words in a buttercup
Only moths pounce before midnight
It was a good excuse to sup
Where is she now, heaven knows
Doubt she still remembers me
I’m just a fucking stupid boy
Failing at being a complicated man
Everything I have ever wanted
Just got up and ran
It still plagues my mind
I’m still learning my lines
Just in case we meet again
Maybe in a hundred years

Beating around the bush
And rubbing myself raw
All the temptations seem sweet
But I always want more
Love your smile can I hold you tight
I promise not to gloat
I will do my best to treat you right
But do you know what I know

My thoughts
Lead to decay
My ideas
Lead me astray
When I saw you
I was on cloud nine
Do I know you
I can’t decide
Why didn’t I confide
Guess I didn’t have the balls
Maybe I was not the one
I was only beating about the bush
I was someone
Without anyone
It was funny while it lasted
A lame excuse
A bad display
One hour of miscued lines
You did walk away

Beating around the bush
You followed the rules
Flirting to get attention
Smiling to get tips
When the client gets sticky
Unpeel his eyes
Don’t get too involved
With your gorgeous eyes