Limbo is the word
Word in my mind
Mind what I say
It’s Wednesday
It’s a hard fought battle
Half won
Working at home now
There is no go out to play
It’s all a muddle
A splurge of a weekend
Blurred days
Fall in and over each other
Shopping from home
Delivered to the door
Chocolate chip cookies
An unwanted necessary
Yes really
Is your arse getting fat
From the lack of exercise
Did you lose your telephone
In the lost land under your thighs
Does the sun hurt
When you venture out
How many idiots did you see
With their snotty noses hanging out
Words are splendid
If you want to really know
When sod all happens
And you’ve nowhere to go
All those half dreams
Have vanished in the fog
All those designs of a future
Flushed down the bog
It’s all tittle tattle
In a topsey turvey way
It was ok not long ago
Maybe yesterday
Can you remember anything
That was polite
Did you get a pleasant kiss
On your very first night
Do you like the smell
Of freshly cut grass
Or do you get high
From hot bitumen tar
Did you just smell that
In your imagination
Can I write something
And you can sense that
The rain on a summer day
Cooked bacon in greasy fat
The joys of the indoors
Between boredom and insanity
Cooking to pass time
Curses and profanity
It’s all a blur
So unfair
Can’t be too down
When you can’t visit town
People suffering
People poor
Hard times ahead
That I’m sure
Until then we’re in limbo
Monopoly and bingo
Netflix and YouTube
Instagram photos to impress
And Mr Hobson’s WordPress