We was inundated by the virus
Caught us all by surprise
The government in Italy
Was highlighted in our eyes
Nobody had ever had to
Deal with this atrocity
We’ve had earthquakes and floods
But this was a different reality

Giuseppe fought with dignity
And stopped as much as he could
He had to battle with the Mafia
Called Confindustria
The journalists wanted him hung
The lega wanted fascists in the streets
Meloni just like our De Zuani
Yelled and didn’t make any sense

I can’t believe Gabriele wanted all of this
I thought he had some dignity
Bless his cotton socks
I thought he had more balls than this

Conti has gone
The virus still remains
Was that necessary
Draghi taking the reins
Back to corruption
Back to the right
How the fuck can he sleep
Soundly at night

Salvini and Renzi
Two twats in a shoe
Destroyed democracy
They fucked over you
Berlusconi addiction
Botox injections for the economy
Zingaretti the almost left
Who is the real enemy ?

Did you see who has been nominated
To run this crippled country
People without culture and dignity
Can’t even read a brochure or a book
Extreme right in the clouds of power
Can we trust their ideas
What the fuck was Renzi thinking
When he pulled the plug on Giuseppe

People are dying in the old people’s homes
The population isn’t being vaccinated
While the wankers in this new government
Are getting their vast pockets filled
With all the proceeds from previous governments
The tears from the decimated population
We all thought Trump was a cold hearted motherfucker
Nothing compared to who Gabriele wanted in power

Why Gabriele why
Did you stoop so low
I thought we had things in common
Now I don’t know
Why would someone so educated
Want something so primitive
Do you want the end of democracy
What goes on in your head

Why the fuck did you hang Conti
Who has more dignity than you
Coppola here is a fascist animal
Why are you so corrupt in everything you do
My once kind barista Lucia
Had to lick the shit filled boots of Salvini
I fucking hate everything so fascist
But I love the real core of Italy

While watching the video of Conti
In the university and splendor of Firenze
He has pride and so much passion
Who can ever be better than him
I know you have had sleepless nights
Fatherhood can derail us all
But why the fuck did you choose this way
Why did you make Giuseppe fall

I’m fucking furious
Tomorrow this town will be full
Of wankers coming from the city
To spread the virus and it’s variants
Even more
To restore hope to the restaurants
To give a sense of normality
You are killing our friends and citizens
Fuck off home

Is this what you wanted Gabriele
I’m so pissed off with you
I thought I had one friend in this world
Now I know it isn’t true.