Her eyes
They remind me of her
She seems to be
Almost everywhere
Her lips
The contours painted red
She seems familiar
She’s already inside my head

If they tell you sirens don’t exist
I will reply that they do
They have all the same features
Like a mask to provocate you
They have the same glow in their eyes
Even if they have a different speech
They are talented at seduction
Even far from their beach

Now I know they are coming for me
I hear their song in my head
They know I have a weakness for them
And all the things I’ve ever said
I spot them in the corners of my world
Flowing into my timeline
Silent and deadly assassin
With beauty so divine

She is so like her
Reminds me of a better day
Can’t say anything
Don’t want her to fade away
I’m looking out for her lookalikes
I know that they exist
I’ve been bewitched
I’ve fallen into the abyss

When a person is overtalented
With beauty of a deity
You’ve got to suspect their identity
When they are staring right at me
There must be a reason for this
Nothing happens without a purpose
Am I cursed to be plagued
Knowing that I’m worthless

I’m trying not to interact
Keeping my distance and my mind
But she always leaps out at me
She is not one of a kind
She doesn’t know who I am
She doesn’t want to know
She took advantage of my weaknesses
She didn’t want me to flow

She’s not the only one
To tease me and treat me like this
Noticing your fragilities
Opening those cracks so wide
Attracted to something that hurts
Hands into the mouth that bites
Beautiful smile toxic aftertaste
Prescious your name attitude a disgrace

The ships sails away from the haunted shore
It’s not going to pass this way anymore
You’ve hounded my soul tortured my mind
You are adamant I’m not your kind
Your work is done my veins are scared
Sad to know what you really are
Precious your name rotten reputation
It happened again a ghost in my story

Sirens are real
It’s so surreal
I’m in to deep
Wretched siren song
Haunted by the hunted
Needle without thread
Prescious your name
Get out of my head