Just like a penguin in a sauna
A kangaroo in a swimming pool
Like a fish in a seedy brothel
Just like a duck out of water
Just like me

Sitting at home while the world goes crazy
Ticking off boxes and feeling so lazy
Forgot what it’s like to taste the sunshine
This is isolation and it’s all mine
Mine to squander time away
Sitting here every single day
Not getting dressed not coming out to play
I’m not stupid no matter what you say

I’m a little crazy I’ll admit that
Getting older and getting fat
Trying not to drown all my sorrows
Because my liver might just last until tomorrow
And tomorrow is another day
To squander in the same old way
Working online staying inside
Isolation is our new form of holiday

Do they miss me at the bar
Doubt that so very much
They are only missing my money
Nobody wants to keep in touch
Not my fault the virus is here
I’m sat in isolation having a beer
Watching the young yobs fight outside
Trying to ignore how many people have died

Just like a cat without nine lives
Like a busy bee evicted from its hive
Like a bear with a glass shard in its paw
When you don’t want to isolate no more
You have a bastard of a scratch to itch
Your feet stink but they do start to twitch
Spring is coming most people break the rules
Bringing back lockdown because of these fools

Behind the dirty glass that’s my window
Hoping things will get better by tomorrow
Wanting to return to what was before
Don’t want to be shit on no more
Got to calm my nervous nerves down
Got to heal got to move on ahead
I’ve always had isolation in my head
What is my reason to move ahead

Knowing the answer isn’t a four leaf clover
Angry at Boris for closing down Dover
Pissed at everyone wanting the economy to come first
As millions of kids out there dying of thirst
I thought this virus would eliminate greed
Put us all on a equal footing and satisfy everyone’s needs
We wished for that so long
Unfortunately we was all so wrong
The businessman’s greed
To eliminate the competition
Even when its guard is down
Even when the virus has decimated every town
Isolation has created a sort of vacuum
You are swept away by the political broom
While most are predicting doom
It’s all fake news I presume

Sitting here with a large dose of frustration
Sat in chains with a morbid fascination
Padded walls won’t ever make me sane
I want to break out of here again
Being inside isn’t medicine
Cooking therapy has run up a huge bill
Watching past concerts on your smart TV
Has given me the urge to kill

I need to break the ice
Need to break the routine
I’m getting nervous in this isolation
How much longer can we hold on
Can you feel it inside of you
The anger of the slow distribution of vaccines
Are they doing this on purpose
Pharmaceutical profits are obscene
Get everyone vaccinated
Let’s all get back to work
Let’s all make friends with our enemies
And heal everything that hurts .