I stand so cold and alone
On a deserted road in Rome
My eyes are tired from the tears
My tears I cried for you
But not for the love or desperation
Not because I long to be near
Because you killed me brutally
I should not even be here
Why did you burn me?

Were the arguments not enough?
I expected violence some tears
I could have expected some scratches
Some mental scars
I loved you once
I did not expect all this mess
The end of a story
Always brings tears and sadness
But not like this
I wanted to move on without you
Why did you not accept my idea?
I was only twenty two, so young
You was everything I feared
At this age I have the right to have fun
Just another student who loved music and dance
Do you realise what you have done?
To follow me like a stalker
To watch my every step
Watching in the distance
As I talked to my friends
Jealously you watched as I chatted
With some of my male friends too
But that did not give you the right
To use the violence inside of you
Everybody knew that you was devastated
My friends knew you had a screw loose
They were concerned for my well-being
But nobody expected what transpired
I stand here at number 1090
Via della Magliana, Roma
They have taken my car away
I watched my mother come and go
How I will miss her so
Nobody stopped to help me
They said it was none of their business
I hope my soul burns their memories
All you had to do was phone for help
In the end I am just another victim
In an ever increasing violent world
So many women killed needlessly
From jealousy, from envy from desperation
How did it come to this?
You loved me with every kiss
You turned into a monster
You strangled me and set me alight
Left me to die alone
On a lonely road in the dead of the night.

Dedicated to Sara Di Pietrantonio

details of the murder in italian

Photo by Naama y.m. from FreeImages