We are all on social media
We are all looking for a voice
We are trying to promote our art
For us it’s our only choice

We can’t just force feed you
We need to show humanity
We show you our other side
When you make friends with me

There is nothing wrong with honesty
Or being just the sweet you
What pisses me off these days
Is when someone starts bullying you

And some ladies are trying to pitch
They are being so nice to everybody
So some other females get jealous
And start harassing anybody

The direct mails are getting full
From indecent propositions
This is a pitch not a dating requirement
Don’t they ever read the bio

Bullying should not be tolerated
In any shape or form
Shaming a person for their looks or grammar
Will not get you ahead
What happened to truthfulness
And support for each other
Why can’t people understand
Instead of being sexist or racist

There is a lot to be excited about
In this grim period we are living in
So many talented people are reborn
Take the time to see what they are pitching

Treat them like humans
Give them support
Don’t be a fucking idiot
And review what you’ve bought

Spread the word
Spread their love
Take it in turns
To power them up

Have some decency
Don’t treat them as an object
Don’t beat them down
Like they are a factory reject

You have no idea
What they have been through
You just can’t imagine
What they are going through

Maybe their art is their therapy
And means so much to them
If you can’t see their version of reality
Just don’t harass them

Give everyone a chance
Not all artists have a hard shelled ego
Let’s make these people feel wanted
No matter what we only know

Some of them feel like they’re
Being eaten alive
Crying as they shut down their phones
This is how some people survive
And you have no right to add to their sorrows

So if you suspect a bad egg
A bad apple or something more than spam
Don’t get into a panic
Shame the bastards them block them