You are packing your bags again
Moving on
From somewhere
To nowhere
To a place
That represents something else

Your patience broken
From the starting grid
Bad boy image
Paranoid and delusional
You’ve let everyone down
Your mind has played games
From 19fucking93
You’ve only brought yourself shame

Hiding behind your drink again
Tired from the pain inside
Your vital organs failing you
But on the dying horse you ride
Is there a place for you
In this vile unforgiving world
As this disease overrides you
Your future will unfold

Be gone from your routine
Everything normal and obscene
You’ve been inadvertently flirting again
You have charisma and your mean
Your words have awoken
Something inside of them
Did they feel the same sensation
It’s the same , idem ??

Be gone and perform an exorcism
Breaking out of the glass prism
Every path you tread is a curse
48 years and it’s getting worse
With every comment a loaded bullet
Every applause is a mistake
The shadow of your defects broken shards
You don’t know who you are

Trying to find something to soothe you
It only takes a single word to abuse you
Trying to be right but always wrong
You want Adele but I’m a heavy metal song
I know that the world doesn’t need me
So I pack my bags and I want to leave it be
Maybe you will all be better off without me
Just one word to you and you’ll hate me

And you say be gone
And leave me be
I have too much shit already
Don’t fuck with me
You are kind and cute
But like an Egyptian mummy
You will suck the destiny
And all life out of me

Go away
Be gone
Hate your sincerity
All along
Be gone
Cease to exist
You infected me
Now your pissed

I’ve done it again
I flowered
Spread my pollen seed
I’m inappropriate
I’m a disaster a weed
Burn me
Set my world alight
Don’t reply
Especially tonight