It’s 4am and I’m woken again
The monster is on my bed headboard
I open my eyes and stare into his
His purring could start an earthquake

If you are so hungry why is your bowl full
Of the dry food I left three hours before
Aren’t you being a bit spoiled
Not wanting to eat them anymore

Your brother is now awake too
Two portions of wet food coming up
More dry food is also demanded
I know they will only eat the fresh bits up

Back to bed can’t wait to sleep
The cats arrive to sleep at my feet
Give it twenty minutes they’ll be fighting
Over boundaries or something alarming

Check my social feeds
Waiting for the cats to poop
If it stinks too much
I must get up and scoop

Finally the little demon’s are back asleep
Screen block the phone take advantage
Dream some weird as shit dreams
Now it’s 10.30 and I’m thinking of lasagna

Just after eleven the dry food untouched
Both cats demand to be fed again
I try to mix the old and new
But these two won’t be fooled by you

Pancakes and raspberries
Bacon and toast
Coffee is espresso
Don’t overfill the cup

Just when everything is warm and ready
A warning sound from in front of the settee
The long haired cat who keeps me awake
Has coughed up anothing hairy snake

With his innocent eyes he says sorry
I clean up the mess and his chin
Ate my breakfast that had gone cold
Now the preparation for the lasagna can begin

With splurge of adrenaline the onions are cut up with carrots
As they smoulder away I sweep up half the flat
While I’m at it, I disinfected the floor again
The cats are not amused when I move the objects

The cats disapprove and maje their mark
Laughing as they put paw prints here and there
Rolling around in the wet bit on the floor
Making sure they leave behind their hair

One cat whines because I’m not on the coach
That I’m spending too much time in the kitchen
By his rules I should be always near him
Especially when he’s snoring and kipping

With the lasagna almost ready in the oven
We had a good game of football together
Gizzy showed us his dribbling skills
Spooky can juggle the plastic egg in they air

Finally relaxing and scanning my twitter
The lasagna and wine went down a treat
Now I have both cats at their food bowls
Demanding I give them something to eat

I don’t know if I have won or lost today
Another madcap furball Sunday
Everyone is sleeping and snoring except me
Maybe I should eat their dry food up too