You might think this is because of lockdown
The chaos and the decay
This isn’t about the pandemic
This decline is not just from yesterday

All the politics and squabbles of over ten years
A fancy car park again half finished
Graffiti on the walls of abandoned buildings
Not shut for the crisis of the last year

Twenty years of second governments
Many years of social decline
Recession after all the corruption
So much pain in our timeline

The beaches here destroyed by a port
Built for just greed and power
Now the people have no beach to sit on
And they have a vast concrete web to photo

The cars are not going away
Residents park any way the can
The parking wardens don’t care of violations
As the paperwork is such a bore

The local authorities have no masterplan
No procedure to help all its citizens
Its only requirement is to keep out the left
And so keep their hands in the treasury pot

It’s disgusting and harrowing to this town this way
Even Italy has lost most of its dignity
With so many places and areas of exquisite history
Most monuments are left to rot

With all this ends and tourism returns
Italy could survive just on sightseeing
Taking the dedicated sightseers to every corner
And keeping them fed with delightful food