It’s about time we did it again
Go around the houses
Knocking on doors
Creeping under well lit windows
Grazing our bloody knees
Crawling on all fours

Shake up their beer
Shower it into the face
Getting old what a disgrace
Letting our hair down once again
Can’t wait to ride our luck
Hopefully soon, keen as fuck

Going to the thrash concert
With newly dyed blue hair
Front row moshing
Teeth flying everywhere
Meet a lass with a broken nose
Blood all over her gothic clothes
These nights at home really suck
Time to rebel , keen as fuck

Fed up of going to bed
At ten to bloody ten
Waking up with backache
As you caught a cold again
You’ve been looking at your old snapshots
Of you having a great time
Now older, feels like you’ve been hit by a truck
Time to buckle up , still keen as fuck

Remember the time in the pizzeria
Ate loads downed with a lake of beer
Singing in the street early in the morning
Neighbours did give you an early warning
Ice cold water from a couple of balconies
Luckily none of them did hit me
One of my mates wet as a duck
Let’s do it again , keen as fuck

Remember the times staying out all night
No money for a taxi but it was alright
Hung out at the bus station in Workington
Scared by an idiot with a scary air gun
Too many good concerts ruined my ears
Liver holds up a white flag from too many beers
Proud just like a pig in muck
Let’s go again , keen as fuck