Maybe they saved the day
Heroes in a kind of way
Shielding you from the storm
Making you feel at home

Lift us up when we feel down
When too many trolls are around
Read each others work and smile
Make writing more worthwhile

We’ve got funny memes here too
Hooked on GIFs like all adults do
As we chat the cats are getting angry
Scratcing your legs because they’re hungry

We’ve got marshmallows and Mexican food
Amazing lady and a really nice dude
We have people from all around the world
Male and female , young and old

Let’s make a pact so follow me
Hashtag it writing community
Follow for follow retweet your pin
That’s when all the fun begins

Who is drinking coffee , some drinking wine
Some at midnight some in the morning at nine
Some people walking through the ruins of Rome
Lot of us though are caged in our homes.

Poets and romantics and new believers
Writers and philosophers , me I’m neither
Book launches so buy me a coffee
You will love my blog so don’t worry

Beware of the trolls they are everywhere
Body shaming anarchists spreading dispair
Some people are follow to unfollow fools
Breaking people’s hearts and breaking rules

Must go to bed it’s half past ten
Three hours later they reply again
Sleep walking to their day jobs on the train
The boss asks why are you late again

Find me an agent don’t like my pitch
Books of demons and a horny little witch
Micropoetry to keep alive the timeline
Into twitter jail for retweeting mine

Hashtags and strange emoticons
Shamless promos and typos
No edit button so there vwe go
Too many tos and not enough toos

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier had to feed my wolf
When a ghost adopts a fine example
Everyone has a weakness for puppies eyes
The jealous cat again scratches your thighs

We have ladies inspiring positively
Some heros of the shadow here and there
We have weird fiction and a dark poet society
Gamers , navy vets and silly old me

So come on over and follow me
Then hashtag away writing community
Make a connection make their day
Read very carefully what they have to say.