Eat well they said
As they waxed your apples
Pesticides for lunch
Antibiotics for tea
Fruit in an industrial freezer
Fresh produce for me ?

The carrots are glowing orange
No taste no tang
One day after they’re bought
Evaporates to nothing

Avocado that never matures
But then disintegrates over night
The mango got in a tango
With a banana that ain’t ripe

Buying eggs and delivered at home
Six scrambled eggs for lunch again
Bought the veg in a huge kg bag
Best before the day is through

Mince meat got a real good deal
A ton of the stuff that just turned black
The chicken legs just walked out the door
The bottle of wine fell to the floor

Raspberries are all squishy and squashy
The blackberries full of mold
The fennel is a tasteless abomination
The lemons should never have been sold

They gave me the wrong type of cat litter
Three fucking times
Then made up and gave me some freebies
I was going out of my mind

Online shopping has saved my mind
The local shops are a disgrace
Fridges and freezers never really work
With water all over the place

Is the produce you buy
The same taste as twenty years ago
Everything seems tasteless
And nothing ever lasts

Maybe you buy ready made meals
With extra sugar and extra salt
I’m trying my best to eat home cooking
So that’s not my fault

So come on ladies and gentlemen eat your greens
Eat the crusts of bread and double spinach
You won’t become Popeye add olive oil
Don’t let the fruit spoil

When things start turning black
Make a smoothie tasty and cold
Empty your fridge of waste
Especially the blackberries with mold