Hold your head up
Don’t be the same
You know it’s everlasting
And that’s a shame
But when you have a moment
Of some inner peace
It’s time to hold your head up high
And look outside

Outside all the arrangements
The frayed estrangements
All the things that suffocate
Inside you are still hurting
You heart is beating and bursting
How much can you tolerate

So look outside
Spread them wide
Don’t let anyone put you down
Take a walk outside
A one way ride
To see if where you’ve been
Is the only place to be

You got your wires crossed
All the current affairs
Cutting you to the bone
Breathing becomes a luxury
A knot in your chest
In a crowd you are always alone

So look outside
You don’t have to hide
You know you are actually someone
I know you tried
I know they lied
But all the haters are now gone

It comes and goes
They don’t all know
That sometimes you need to pull back
Real friends will wait
Worried you are late
But will lavish you with words of hope

When you step outside
With some hope in your eyes
Trying to be the person you once were
Before the black dog attacked
Pulled you on down
Left you empty and void of all hope

Some friends can be trusted
They don’t use your emotions
They understand when you’re hurting
They might be unsure what you’re thinking
Stay away from the leeches
Who only want what’s not theirs
They are emotional excess baggage
Cut them off right now and right here

Take a look outside
See who is on your side
There are many people waiting anxiously
Sit down and talk
Or go for a walk
Anything to break the chains and routine

You can do this
You can win
Hour by hour
Keep the black dog at bay
Small victories
Tiny steps
One smile a triumph
Just lead the way

Just remember in your darkest moments
You might feel it but you are not actually alone
There is a world outside waiting for you
And many more on your warm telephone

Just step outside
To see who is by your side
They’ll help you to breathe calmly again
They don’t need applause
Because they are all yours
They just want you to be satisfied
With who you are
When you look outside
Scared of what’s inside
But what’s outside
Is salvation