Once we we’re grooving
On the road and moving
Suitcase fatigue
Hotels anywhere

Photographs at sunset
Beer at dawn
Drunken pornographic messages
On your telephone

Worse food in history
Sandwiches stale
Price for a coffee
Take me to jail

Shop on the continent
Trapped in the aisles
Over the top sales gal
With a ridiculous smile

Building sandcastles
On a polluted beach
Between the used sanitaries
Cursed with bleach

Train is running late
Coach is going slow
Hit a hedgehog landmine
Now the tire is going to blow

Buying some souvenirs
Made in 1966
Nothing left on that landscape
Made in china trinkets

Hitting the city
Concert sold out
Heavy metal thunder
Then you’re kicked out

Hair matted greasy
Some banging in my head
How did that bad lady
Get into my bed

Back home and moody
Can’t remember her name
Look through blurred photographs
Now who is to blame

Stressed with the journey
Money pissed down the drain
Back sore from luggage handling
When can we do it again?

We stank in the train
Sweated in the arena
Toilets overflowing
Life’s never be cleaner

Hygienically unbalanced
Shoulder to shoulder
Sneezing on each other
Never again

Tales of a new non mover
Socially retired
Going to bed at ten
‘Cause I’m too fucking tired