She’s waking up with tears again
She can’t let the world know
She has to be strong again
But she can’t be no hero
She patches herself up
Disposes of the broken bottles
The syringes and amphetamines
Bags of half consumed vice

The flat is showing wear and tear
Family pictures smashed on the floor
Cd player is out of the window
There is stale food everywhere
It wasn’t a party it wasn’t fun
No murder from a loaded gun
Getting closer to a total disaster
How can she survive how can she carry on

It’s hard for those who don’t know
What’s going on behind the curtains
The neighbours furious with the noise
But they don’t care if she’s hurting
All types of weirdos plod the street
In all different kinds of rejection
All these people looking for an escape
Looking for an answer to their question

She is a beacon of total despair
All the dregs of society find her there
They use her and abuse her just for fun
They just don’t know about the gun
If you push a person over the edge
They might never come back here
They might explode into a thousand stars
Spreading stardust everywhere

Before she knew it was nighttime again
Before she realised it her house full again
No music as the stereo is in shards
No food as they stole every fucking thing
Nobody expected her to snap
It sounded like a thunderclap
Confusion mixed with Ecstasy
Is that cunt shooting at me

She had six shots to put things right
Nobody returns after this night
Hold the cold gun steady and aim
Objects is to hurt and maim
First shot strikes someone dead
The second just grazes another’s head
The third shatters the lounge window
The fourth one was more effective
Close your eyes and shoot the fifth
Nobody even stops you shooting the sixth

There is panic now
A stampede
Everyone who can get out
Must leave
They can’t be seen here
In their depths of their despair
Here betraying their loved ones
Escaping from a loveless marriage

Two bodies lay motionless on the floor
Sirens in distance getting closer
The only thought she thinks as she cries
Is why didn’t I shoot myself
She’s shaking hard with tears again
She didn’t here the police come in
Startled she points at them with the empty gun
They panic forgetting all the precious training

The papers didn’t give her a decent article
These tragedies happen almost every day
The dregs of society will find someone new
The vultures always find new prey
Suspended to keep the public quiet
How was he to know the gun was empty
For the authorities they had finally eliminated the problem
And the neighbours could sleep finally