I’m not hurting today
I was even better yesterday
Don’t know what happened Friday
Sorry if I got under your skin
One day all together
We will read the rules and win

Taking it day by day
Listening to what you say
Talking it over
Not a cure but it feels better
Rainbows form on a grey sky
Hope is a pot of gold
We might never get rich
But just might get old

Rebecca is hurting
And misses her mum
Val doesn’t want to panic
Has another tat done
Brianna is working overtime
Amy is cooking up a treat
Take all these people together
And we’re complete

I’ll help you when I have a better day
They help me when I’m down and blue
That’s the community spirit here
Where everyone will help you

Ghost adopted a wolf
And is happy as can be
Jackie is writing naughty books
And is in ecstasy
Jennah has a wicked sense of humour
Talk to her when you’re down
Crystall is opening up her soul
We’re proud to have her around

Miss Wilson loves to chat
Whilst posting poetry
Carlos has some work to do
Instead he’s talking to me
Jess writes and posts all day
Gets sad when she’s away
Victoria decided to get her makeup out
She dressed as a goth for the day

The sum of all these people
Will make my day
There are so many more
Who come out to play
Don’t let the haters hate
Leave the trolls by the door
They will be deleted
We don’t take your shit anymore

We are all going to get through
We are survivors, aren’t you
Therapy is reading and writing
We might be indie but true
We wish to make the bestsellers list
We all have our best attributes
If we don’t make it at least we survived
Everyone contributes

So when we are down we don’t hide
We come on line and just say hi
The cat pictures will make you laugh
My jokes are basically daft
It can get a bit nerve racking
We don’t mind if you step away
We will miss your tweets and innuendos
Hoping to see you back the next day.