Sit down with me
Let’s have a cup of tea
The world is off its axis
Right now
Let’s listen to minor things
The flap of butterfly wings
The buzz of a busy bee
Watch out it also likes tea

The ants are searching
For the cubes of brown sugar
The fly has its eyes on scones
The filthy little bugger
Is the jam to your liking
It says it’s homemade
But I spied the kitchen maid
Throwing away the Robertson’s jars
Did you disinfect each finger
Before you sipped from the cup
That is still stained from lipstick
Of an overzealous young pup
The chairs are old and rickety
Dusty and extracted from a museum
The purple little cushions slip and slide
And have no tolerance for my bum
The menu is out of date
And printed just after the war
While the daily specials hastily written
Has dropped down to the floor
You can here the clock it’s quiet in here
Not many cars pass by in the street
Then an old lady causes a ruckus
As she didn’t have her mask on
The waitress bored and chewing gum
Chatting on her filthy smartphone
She doesn’t see any point in working
When mommy will keep her at home
As the pot of tea empties
We should contemplate another round
Should we taste those cream cakes
Hoping they are fresh as they look

It’s a cold rainy day
But it’s certainly warm in here
The mice think they are in the Bahamas
The cockroaches singing in Hawaiian
And the once lazy cat
Is now selling fresh bananas

In this distant Yorkshire town
Where once steam engines blew
When the market stalls are busy
Maybe there is no room for you
So in the quiet of winter
And in the cold of snow
If you want a cup of tea
I know a place we can go.