We went out for a meal,the first time
She was chatty like she was online
Was she nervous was she high
I was almost comfortable that’s no lie

She seemed to want to make
A good first impression
Dressed up sweet all in black
She flaunted her curves
I was a gentleman
I tried not to stare
She certainly bedazzled me
When she flicked her hair

She had an amazing smile
And it penetrated me
She talked a little too much
But that didn’t frighten me
She was a little disappointed
That I didn’t talk too much
She asked if isolation
Had meant I’d lost my touch

I told I’m not a person who talks
I’m not like all the other blokes
She laughed so sweetly
And she looked right at me
She wasn’t talking about my speech
Insinuating something different
That’s when I felt her bare foot
Stroking close to me knee

I walked her to the car
Because I’m a gentleman
She held onto my arm
At last I felt calm
I wasn’t expecting anything more
Until she opened the car door
Come on it’s early let’s go for a ride
I must admit it was warmer inside

She kept talking and lit a cigarette
She said she was happy we had met
I didn’t know where she was driving to
I just relaxed like I was told to do
I was surprised when we parked in the dark
In a place far from home and desolate
She turned off the engine and I spotted a grin
She then stroked my beard and grabbed my chin

Her kiss was descent and a pleasant surprise
She was so passionate didn’t close her eyes
I was in her hands I didn’t want to fight
I let her carry on because it felt so right
With such ease she reclined the seat
Pushing me down this was sweet
On top of me she was taking control
Looked like she had no time to stall

She stopped kissing and said slide down
So I pushed myself down in the car seat
That’s when she lifted her tight skirt up
And lowered herself down on me
She was stroking her wetness into my face
I must admit she had a good taste
I needed no instructions I worked overtime
My tongue was enjoying it’s new pasttime

Just as I was getting into some kind of rhythm
She suddenly moved away from my head
Got back in her seat put her panties on
That’s enough for one night she said
She kissed my lips said it’s time to go
In my rampant state it was such a blow
She was silent as we drove back
That mysterious woman dressed in black