Write words down
Don’t strike a match
Explosive debate
Then detonate
Get censored
Fascists in control

We have to keep rolling the ball
Be thick skinned and stand tall
Censors are screaming they’re hypocrites
They ain’t worth fuck all

We are a community
Sliced apart
By the powers at be
Who try to chain us down
Cunts you can’t do that
Acting like a twat
How many inflammable words
Before I’m banned for good

We have to keep kicking the ball
Going against health and safety rules
We’re all wearing a mask
But that won’t stop us speaking our mind

Poets from the past
Censored for their rituals
Same sex kissing in public
Books burned by the church
Murder for being in love
Deported for bringing shame
They blunted their quills
Now they’re doing it again

We have to keep throwing the ball
Passing on the information
Don’t leave anyone behind
When this world is toxic and inflammable

Judge me by what I write
Not by how I behave
I’m not a stereotype
And no fuckers slave
Born too bloody white
That doesn’t give me the right
To any kind of superiority
Everyone is better than me

Keep pushing the ball
Backs against the wall
Look at those fuckers in their crystal towers
Dictating how we should survive

We have to break onto the other side
Don’t let anyone take us for a ride
Don’t dumb us down I’ve been around
I’m no stranger to this shit awful town

We all have a voice
This our choice
We are happy in muck
When we give a fuck
Don’t beat us down
We own this fucking town
With sweat and blood spilt
You can’t relate?

Keeping dribbling the ball
Hoping the elite fall
With their plastic verses of mediocrity
Voiced over a sinister overture
Do what you want
Feel what you want
Write with a dedicated flair
Spread your words everywhere

Lobbing the ball
Into the next pitch
Don’t be worried about categories
Never be sorry
Keep writing your verses
While it rains down curses
They say you ain’t fit to write
Ain’t that just inflammable

Keep writing words down
Then you can strike a match
Watch your debate go out of control
Set the world afire
Don’t delete any thoughts
You can’t be bought
That fascist with an old idea
From yesteryear