Zippy got frisky
George was shy
Bungle in the jungle
And we don’t know why
Jane the pole dancer
Jeffrey wants to see
Rod and Freddy bemused
Why she won’t pole dance me

Sooty spied on Sweep
Sweep was ogling Sue
Basil got a big brush
And he knows what to do
Gordon was a gopher
Abandoned with the brooms
Schofield got a little lonely
And so the gopher sued

We live in a bungalow
And we watch kids TV
Since Timmy got a Mallet
And he’s going to Wac me
Saturday morning Tiswas
All eyes on Sally James
Mother got into a bother
Changed over to Edmonds

Bagpuss got overweight
Sacked from the show
They hired an imposter
His pink bits didn’t glow
Thunderbirds on strings
Lady Penelope didn’t sway
The butler got in a huff
And so he joined Stingray

We all live in a bungalow
And we watch kids TV
We all loved Cheggars
And a snap of Crackerjack
Grange Hill a little too realistic
Blue Peter and toilet roll
Stick it all together
And you get Adrian Mole

We all live in a bungalow
And we still love TV
But the new stuff is
Just too peppery
How did we get from Popeye
To the Young Ones
Do you remember Flash Gordon
The black and white reruns

Have you lived in a bungalow
Do you watch kids TV
Do you really think it was better
Before 1990?
A little bit of Doctor Who
And somebody to exterminate
Why didn’t the Cybermen
Fast forward and delete

I knew who lived in a bungalow
And they watched kids TV
Hoping to see the Nolan sisters
Way before MTV
Pebble Mill at one
The brotherhood of man
Lip syncing kisses for me
So we preferred kids TV

Cartoons from 1940
Colourful attire
We all walked down Sesame Street
Kicking a flat tire
Mother watching Mr and Mrs
The boredom of Crossroads
Father wanted wrestling
Big Daddy was his thing

We all lived in a bungalow
And we only had one TV
Three channels to choose from
But none entertained me
From Coronation Street to the east end
Badly spoken accents and all
Are you being served? or Dads Army
English humour was so barmy

Blackadder to Mr Bean
And all the comedy in-between
It ain’t half hot mum
Windsor was the man
Some mother’s do ‘ave ’em
Yes they certainly do
When you had so little choice
There wasn’t much you could do.