I’ve bought myself a ticket
And I’m never coming back
One way traffic
So cut me some slack
Won’t be no holiday
We’ve got work to do
The outcome will be fine
So fucking beautiful

Got into my car
It’s an automobile
It’s get old
But I’m behind the wheel
Don’t look in the mirror
There’s nothing to see
Adios motherfuckers
Who took advantage of me

I won’t be coming home
I’m staying alone
Cutting off my phone
Cause I don’t like your tone
I’m hitting the road
No return , diode

Travelling light
And going far
No time for farewells
So there you are
No postcards
No souvenirs
Just a fuck you all
And get me out of here

I’ve got on a plane
I’ve earned my wings
Flying so high
I don’t regret anything
Into the clouds
The toxic colours are ok
I’ve erased it all
No matter what you say

I won’t be coming home
So leave me alone
I’m unreachable
I’m rechargable
One way current flow
Hit the road , diode

Holy fuck, don’t I feel good for changing the page, leaving all those toxic thieving motherfuckers behind , into an uncertain future it could be lonely as hell but hell is going to be one pretty place without answering to you all

Get me on a train
I’ve got the bug again
Intercity through the night
With ideas so bright
From the cold mountains
To the sunny sea
I’ve got a rollercoaster track
Trying to strangle me

Onto a donkey onto a horse
Anyway anyhow with no remorse
I can leave slow I can leave fast
As long as it’s heading out of my past
Taxi too much
A touch too much
Heading to the moon
It’s never too soon

Fuck that I’m not coming home
I’m heading to Rome
I’m going to be sipping wine
Hope everything will be fine
25 years in
I still don’t fit in
Fuck the toxicity
I’m going travelling again

I don’t have a home
Yes I’m all alone
I’m almost in control
It was only a brief fall
So set me loose
From the world’s abuse
I love hitting the road
One way traffic, diode
© Darren Hobson 2021