Another day over
Another begins
Hard to be enthusiastic
When we can’t win
Some people have luck
Some have no shame
The ones wrapped in cotton wool
Protected from the game

We ask what we are fighting for
Balancing ourselves on razors
Knowing that one day we fall
To be hurt and sliced apart
We eat food that disagrees with us
But it comforts us some more
The last chocolate biscuit
Fell on the filthy floor

Friends try to help you
Some even stay
But you are too proud and ashamed
So you push them away
Some people read your words
Most put you on mute
Fuck that hotheaded bastard
Your name makes me puke

The constant worry of employment
Making money to pay the bills
I desire for a better life
But we are standing still
With so much beauty in the world
We are left to fight with the cats
Waking you at 4am for food
Thanks Very much for that

Add up all your conspiracies
See you are going nowhere
Realise you are such a failure
Life is never fair
Stress in the early morning
Brain strained from after thoughts
The bank statement so surreal
That’s always full of noughts

Heading towards fifty
Feels like I’ve not achieved anything
I tried to compete fairly
I’ve come away with nothing
Secretly wishing my body to fail
Pull the plug on itself
Give the world something to celebrate
More hidden wealth

When I make friends I feel guilty
Knowing who I am
I know they’ll get tired of me
And my negative spam
I mix stress and frustration
Into some pathetic poetry
Then I see daylight
And everyone stops following me

I guess I wasn’t built to survive
A crash test dummy I guess
Made with the mission to be destroyed
That is why I’m such a mess
Sometimes I whine a little too much
I should just shut my pathetic trap
Nobody needs to hear more negativity
A red head spouting crap

So in the end I publish my words
Hope that it gets read some way
I close the door to the world outside
Because I made it a worse day
Struggling to cope with my moods
Feeling tired in legs and head
So if anyone still does care
I apologize
For all the good things I said.