Sat in a dark place
Don’t want to show your face
There are wires out of sorts
Shocks to the fingers
That just want to put a wrong thing
Read the instructions
English translated bad
Make no sense of the badly printed
Manual of mind
Ignore the growing list

Ignore the growing list
Of all the things to do
The toilet seat is broken
So uncomfortable to poo
Fridge somehow got bare
Shopping online
Click the tab to buy food
Biscuits brought to the door
Just like always
We forgot the main ingredients
Let’s modify the order once again
Hopefully we still have time

If only it was so easy
To modify everything like this
To erase old conversations
When you were too drunk to live
Modify orders
Erasing commands
Editing your phrases
So everyone can understand
The only way is forward
Don’t look back on lost hope
You managed to get out of the bushes
And evade the leaking boat

With people a little less selfish
And they can open your mind
They might get overwhelmed
With all the trash they find
We’re all unconvinced
Fed up of following rules
Why should we save the monarchy
When they are full of fools
They can eradicate a problem
They can kill you France
They know exactly where you are
And if you’ve shit your pants

Twitter isn’t royalty
But the kingdom is vast
Lots of encrypted information
Scrolling too fast
Gain a few more followers
Hoping they are actually there
So many are empty promises
One or two actually care
Unfortunately we have to embrace
Invasive technology
If you didn’t want my reply
Why did you follow me

Tiptoe through the tulips
Stepping on eggshells
Falling in love with a spammer
Who promised wedding bells
Anything to distract your mind
From thinking bad again
Better to follow a perverse hashtag
Than to feel so much pain
We’ve painted our rooms black
So we can’t see outside
The world is still stuck
A rollercoaster ride

While we search for some energy
We’re stuck like a boat in Egypt
Our whole world stops for a week
As we contemplate our existence
Those dirty clothes won’t wash themselves
The rain is not enough to clean windows
The sand it brought made it worse
We’ve made a mountain out of a molehill
Someone light a candle
A lady struck a match
She was a small glimmer of hope
In this filthy dark cabbage patch
© Darren Hobson March 2021