I really hate goodbyes
I never sing lullabies
I’m going to exit stage right
Bid you all goodnight

I don’t think you have been fair
What I write is mediocre
It’s not Dante it’s not Baudelaire
I’m fake a charlatan
I hate what I’ve done
So I cancel everything
You are not missing anything
I wished I could live as someone
I’m dying a no-one

I tried my best to grow
Now I write this outro
No theme to a soundtrack
I’m never coming back
I’ve never had a friend
So now this has to end
I tried to think I was good
But I’m poison in art and blood

I can’t love I can’t write
I hate my survival instinct
I thought I could be a footnote
The haters all now glout
Attack me when I’m not around
Laugh at me when I’m down
Cancel me from your feed
I’m definitely not what you need

I’ve posioned so many minds
I’m definitely not your kind
I shouldn’t be in your face
I’m an asshole I’m blind
I’m sick should not be alive
I should pull the plug
Kick the bucket from this room
Lighten everyone’s doom

I hate acoustic solos
I hate the end of the cd
Vinyl records melt in the sun
Like there’s nothing left of me
I destroyed all bridges to my past
Hopefully this verse will be my last
Cancel all ebooks by Tuesday
Erase everything that was me