Collision course
Made to dissect
Forward trajectory
Designed to wreck
Aim and fire
Sadistic intent
Changing the thesis
Hell bent

I was built to burn
Destroy the universe
Two word passages
Curse in a verse
Travelling far and wide , yeah

Physics and chemistry
Cosmos mapped
Bottomless seas
Earthquakes rumble
Volcanoes roar
Heaven’s alight
Sanctuary on the sea floor

I was born to frustrate
Destroy harmony
Two fingered salute
To all that mock me
I’m sort of alive, yeah

Tanker full of fuel
Atomic bomb overhead
A tidal wave of fear
Seismic red
A burrow full of dynamite
Rabbits got revenge
Destroy you with its lucky paw
Call that strange

I was born to annihilate
My perfume is napalm
Two tonne wonderbomb
I’m built to harm
I’m ticking away, yeah

I’m between the trees
I’m agitated and aware
Focused on my objective
Like I don’t care
Target in my sights
Ready to blow
Going to rock this mission
Time to go

I’m ready to kill
Are you ready to scream
This is reality
Definitely not a dream
An atomic swish
A plutonic swirl
An overconfident man
A sex ready girl

Something in the anatomy
Salt in the eyes
Tuned to perfection
To eradicate all lies
Buried below the mountains
A ring of fire
A billion atoms shot
Fly by wire

I was born as a mystery
I’m the sum of the universe
Two ways to crack my code
One of them is worse
I’m an enigma actually
Shot in the dark
Scientific work
Dicing with death
It’s dead.