The argument cannot be won
Should you walk away
You don’t want her tears
You don’t want to hear her say
She’s frightened
She’s afraid
She doesn’t understand
What you are.

Maybe you are just a fool
Stubborn at breaking rules
Petrified at being mislead
What got into your head
The most beautiful soul
Is standing in front of you
She wants to be held
And kissed by you
You tell her she’s a little crazy
Because someone like her
Could never fall for someone like you

At first you thought it was a prank
An April’s fools Day joke
Even though it’s mid September
And the sun warms her pretty face
You accepted a meeting
A coffee and a chat
But you could never imagine
More than that
You say with all the pretty boys
Who are always around
Why choose this old boy
From out of town

She is hurt and angry
She opened up to you
You blew your big chance
Now what are you going to do
Not love her because you want to die
Watch her whimper and cry
You are too stubborn to back down
She won’t be coming back around

Why do you always have to be you
An animal in everything you do
She was young and full of energy
She wanted to spend it with you
Was you scared what people would say
The age difference would lead you astray
The only thing that matters is the bond
Everything else just doesn’t belong

For once can you back down
Show her your soft core to her
Apologize with all your heart
Say that you are ready to take it slow
Remind her to be wary
Of all that baggage you hold
Not to fly too soon
Slowly let the wings unfold

But that was dream you moron
Now the opportunity has gone
Where will you find another gem
You are back to square one again
So be alone and drink in your squallore
Be a stupid badass fella
Nobody fits into your ideal home
Only cobwebs in your heart

Too busy being you
Pushing everyone away
Hoping that live ends
But you still breathe another day
You spot her in the Street
She looked sad like an abandoned stray
Would she be the same if you had heart
Why the fuck did you let her get away