She is my sweet Melody
There is a good rhyme to her name
There is a tune in her lips
A song in her swaying hips

Mmmm my Melody
A delicate symphony
Mmmmm my Melody
A musical destiny

She seems fragile but has grit
She seems distracted but still gives a shit
Maybe romantic but has a hard core
A wicked tongue but you’ll want more

Mmmm my Melody
What she does to me
Mmmm my Melody
Why can’t you see

She’s a loser but she always wins
An angel but she gambles with sin
She’s legs eleven I’m on cloud nine
So proud this melody is mine

She’s ruthless and determined
She loves to smoke a joint
She doesn’t like negative vices
She can’t see the point
She’ll kick my ass for writing this
She’s distant but misses my kiss
She’s a mess but also mine
She’s been through hell but so divine

Mmmm she’s a melody
She means everything to me
Why don’t you all sing along
A catchy number a beautiful song

I caught her while I was on holiday
Couldn’t believe she looked my way
I saw music in the way she moved
With every step she definitely improved
I thought she mistook me for someone else
She said I should have more confidence in myself
It was just like I had found an old friend
The first meeting was so hard to end

Mmmm my sweet Melody
I’m still high from when you met me
Mmmm so Melody
I can’t believe you see something in me

She was tired of the tattooed muscled toned brutes
Who had no discipline in the way they talked
They thought history was the list of their exes
Too self indulged they didn’t know what real sex is

I was so scared to get naked with her
With my scars and all of my ginger body hair
I only hoped that everything still worked well
When I came up for air she was feeling so swell

Mmmm my sweet delicate Melody
You don’t know how much you mean to me
Mmmm your doughnut tastes so fine
I’m so glad that you are all mine

I’m still scared to let her down
I’m still weary of getting old
I feel bad at kissing her in the morning
Before I have time to wash
I’m paranoid and she knows it
She says there’s nothing to worry about
My Melody loves me as I am
With that there should be no doubt

Mmmm my Melody
Got to go because she’s calling me
Mmmm my Melody is in my bed
Mmmm she only exists in my head.
© Darren Hobson April 2021