Every lad loves a racing car
We all know the name Ferrari
In the olden days the girls wore pink
And played with a bloody Barbie

Thankfully something changed over the years
The girls stopped being cheerleaders
They got a grip on an intolerant society
And ended up being great engineers

The perfect nails became broken
Nail polish became grease and grime
They showed us how to push a Maserati
Burning rubber and getting the best time

Did you see Christine fly in Arabia
Across the fierce desert sands
Cut to a close up of Vicky
Fresh from the cocoon of formula 3
Then we have our own Patrick Dempsey
Then one and only golden Ronny

Everyone has a weakness for the rombo
The sound of an engine amplified
Those twin exhausts on a Lamborghini
Who wouldn’t want to have a ride

I’ve been track side for quarter of a century
The rombo has become a part of me
The pandemic has taken some magic away
But I’m certain it will return one day

From testing tires to Motorsport
Everyone loves the smell of hot brake discs
The smell of water on a smouldering car
On another extremely hot summers day

I’ve stood and watched BMW and AMG
Push the limits so close to me
The guys at Porsche and Aston Martin
Developing a dream for the next teen

So make the races more competitive
Make them more ecological
Let the driver make all the decisions
Not the on-board computer that’s so improbable

Show the world the new technology
Make the cars safer for you and me
High speed crashes escaped with a scratch
Destroyed supercar a limited batch

But for all the advances and new laws
Please don’t take the rombo from me
On the open road in the Italian countryside
Maybe just in the congested city

As we plough on and make a better ride
With magical ideas by our side
This is the future and finally equality
Males and females working as one entity

While oil and diesel and petrol heads
Are facing extinction and soon to be dead
We are finding new ways to feed the ego
Long live that motherfucking rombo