Bars on the windows the world is pale
Sat in a concrete room you call jail
Reinforced walls cold concrete floor
Not one witness to what I saw

Blood on your hands but it’s not yours
You live by the rule and corrupt laws
The fingerprints mislaid or forged
Capture an innocent, what’s that for?

A blighted future all alien to me
Be honest and set me free
It’s not my war and not my fight
I’ve never done wrong , am I right ?

I was in a good place at the wrong time
My haggered face sure fit the crime
Save the predictable, condemn the sane
Lords and ladies at a banquet thanks again

Thank me as I rot in your jail
I’m an alien in a foreign land
I pleaded my innocence I pray for release
All my words they didn’t understand

Ethnically cleansing away for the new crop
The outcasts won’t last in this age unstable
Minorities are condemned to a life of slaughter
An arena of bloodshed butchered on the table

No knights in shining white armour
All damsels in distress raped all over again
Anything goes when bullies are warlords
They have no dignity when you’re in such pain

Life is terrible when on the wrong end of the leash
After a life of tranquility and peace
Now the world is up against you
Behind the bars you have nothing to do

Guilty as charged in the local media
Everyone has their opinion and it ain’t nice
Better to believe those people in power
Because next time it could be you in his place

Don’t step out of line don’t condemn authority
Look what has happened to poor old me
Locked away for a crime I didn’t commit
Closed in the darkness surrounded by shit

The world roars when someone says my name
They’ve labelled me pedophile and rapist
I’m a murderer I’m a serial killer
I’m the fallen hero a broken antagonist

What will become of me
Even the haters will forget my name
Starved to death as I decay
Why did life lead me this way
I have no one fighting for my rights
No one would ever say I’m innocent
The murderer is out there at play
On the weak and ignorant he has his way

Everyone knows who it is
A power hungry son of a king
Who could stand up to this charlatan
Without losing everything
People have died by his hands
The blood thirsty rampant prince
People have been jailed for his actions
Who will save us from him .

Trap him in the act
Show the world the facts
The slayer of hundreds
The rapist of children
The beheading of women
It is all about him
Stop the daily torture
Save your lovely daughters
Bring him to the gallows
Show him the guillotine
Overcrowded town square
Everyone will be there
To throw all the rotten fruit
As this foul fiend hangs

It would be a glorious day
I could envision it now
But the bars on my jail return
I pray for justice somehow