So let’s get this weekend going on a roll
Fuck the haters because they mean fuck all
Just care for you yourself and the big I
Don’t waste time on people who ask why
What for it’s only for you
Fuck everything they try to do
You are a winner and sinner
You are a prime time self esteemed old timer

Fuck those people who put you down
You’ve got enough shit to carry around
You’ve led those work bastards through the week
You’ve kissed their hairy arses cheek to cheek
So wash your chops and spit shit out
It’s time to rock and it’s time to shout
Let your hair down let out the rage
Yes some air guitar Mr Jimmy Page

So let’s head to the weekend with rock n’ roll
Fuck the funny fucks that can’t kick a ball
Sign of the horns, dance with the devil
Grooving on down to a New Level
There’s beer in the fridge if you need one quick
Don’t drink the lot or you’ll be sick
I smell pizza and I’ve got an appetite
Can’t wait to drink all fucking night

Simple life can’t be overworked
Thinking too often really hurts
So lose yourself between the drum
Too old and dignified to suck your thumb
It is life but not as you know it
It’s dirty and hostile don’t ignore it
Push for better can’t get any worse
Dead to the neighbours already in the hearse

Power pack it’s Friday it’s energised
We don’t listen to stars in their eyes
No ballroom dancing with frilly frocks
Best to relax on ice with Hanoi rocks
We can wear make up lipstick black
Watch my lady and I’ll hit you back
Tight knit family we’re rock then roll
Saving anyone unlucky enough to fall

We don’t bet on a new wave of synthesisers
We’re too busy mesmerized with drum risers
We love strobe lights and pyrotechnics
Down in the pit that’s where the action is
We remember doing this twice a week
But bands split and the world turned bleak
The pin up singer gained a few hundred pounds
Botex in his lips hair no longer brown

Everyone is still fighting for credibility
At the weekend can we still be free
Far from the throbbing masses
In a new pub with the same empty glasses
Everyone drinks a new kind of cocktail
We are the old school who drink real ale
We are hairy on our chins and our arses
No skin care or fancy pink glasses

All the kids say that we are all past it
We’re a stale smell after years of vomit
Our tattoos are faded and our tits dangling
Knuckles scarred from years of warring
Eyes are tired from stirring into the abyss
Kidneys failing from getting too pissed
We’ve fought for so long and so hard
We always found enough energy for another yard

Denim jackets and leather waistcoats
Playing pool until the green erodes
Pinball machine and game of darts
The curry from last night, continuous farts
Your mates sister is drunk on rum again
She comes around like a bloody steam train
You try to avoid her like she’s the plague
You can’t chat up the sister of your mate

Time moves fast it’s last orders
Ten thirty on another Sunday night
Everything closed ready for the bastard Monday
No time for chips or any other greasy delight
Weekend ends and time to head for cover
You still didn’t find your super sexy lover
Assembly line calling spanners and allen keys
Settle down and be a gentleman please

Five long days of total horror
All the shit and dishonour
Fish and chips , pie and peas
All the grease 10 times a week
Counting down the days to pay day
Spending the copper in any way
Soon you’ll be singing a tune one Friday afternoon
Heading straight to the pub I presume

Sipping a cold pint of bitter in a shithole
Anything is better than that factory
All those cunts in their greasy overalls
Their future dream is to antagonise me
How their mortgage ways on their minds
Their dirty wives on the rounds again
Their daughter a model heading for Sunday Sport
The son an entertainer in a nudist resort

You never know what might happen
Not all your dreams will come true
So let’s make the most of this weekend
Even if it’s the last thing you do
Be true to yourself and fuck the enemies
Be exactly who you need to be
Fuck all the old fashioned hypocrisy
You are all beautiful to me