The only way to survive is to fall
To reduce your reach grow small
Curl up like a hedgehog into a ball
You need to defend build a wall

When you’ve separated yourself
From the invisible enemy
Be patient regain your strength
Open your eyes to see

The battlefield plumes of smoke rise
In the distance the enemy watch back
Between you and them no man’s land
Marshland and landmines

It’s the battle inside of your head
The invisible enemy wants you dead
You need to fall before you can come alive
In these years you’ve learnt to survive

Climb down into your hole
Bury yourself alive
Take yourself out of the equation
Away from suspicious eyes
Regenerate the broken cells
Link up the gaps in the chain
Stitch up the sails lubricate cogs
Ready to rise again

Wounds never heal completely
But strength grows within
Patched up as best you can
Let the fireworks begin
Like a pirate lord on a sinking ship
Sword raised for one last hoorah
If you are going to fall than so be it
It will be the last act and spectacular

Theatrical and fantasy on a bare stage
Acting out each scene with perfection
Transmitting the pain and hurt to the watcher
Each act ends with a standing ovation
As the curtain falls and you start to raise
The audience has tears in their eyes
As you climb to the top of the bill
You bow to the people who applaud

The only way to survive is to fall
Fall back into your mind and memories
Take the pain and make it into art
Falling is a good way to start
Simplify every single emotion
Translate that it words
Form another story for the masses
Let the emotion have its own wings

Let the inspiration begin
Don’t let the black dog win
Take the bite out of the bark
Add some light to the dark
When the curtain falls
And you are centre stage
Act out your denouement
Show the world your rage

The art of falling is regeneration
The climbing out of the dark hole
Daylight burns your weary eyes
Finding strength in a spark
Don’t be afraid to fall down
The ground will cushion your fall
With some reflection and determination
You will one day stand tall