I’ve a ton of old memories
Lot of them still have a sting
They keep injecting me with poison
I pretend not to feel anything

I still see all their faces
I bet they all hate me
For being part of their past
Or being in their same country

Another knife attack
Feel the shards in my heart
I keep falling apart

I don’t like keeping do many memories
Especially when they do this to me
Did I hurt everyone I ever met
Is this the curse of being me

I didn’t mean to revisit your town
It’s just some sick destiny
All my roads don’t lead to Rome
There is a broken compass in me

Battered black and blue
Shattered bones rattle
Sorry I antagonised you

I can still hear all the shit I said
They weren’t lies at all
Most of the time fueled by anger and alcohol
I know I always made the wrong call
I left everyone behind
I moved on to pastures new
I heard all the whispers and tears
I got a huge collection of fuck yous

I don’t know the difference between wrong and right
All these years later I just can’t sleep at night
I’m good at words in poetry but not in real life
Everything do fucking wrong never done right

Anxieties lead to a heart attack
Should not panic should not stray
Should drag myself into the next day

Maybe I was in the wrong place at the right time
Did I do too much maybe I didn’t do enough
Did i overstep the line did I fade away
Why didn’t you say that enough was enough

I broke more friendships that hearts
All my mean vices squeezed out the purity
Am I mentally sick or arrogantly blind
Is this a man battling with immaturity?

All the words I said
All the wrong moves
Battling with moods

Scars or my appendix
A limp dog with no new tricks
In my mind I’m crucified

Did I put you in an embarrassing situation
Your hopes and dreams couldn’t be me
Did you have to touch me when I kissed you
You gave me a false sense of security

One thing always leads to another
I didn’t see the hint should I have walked away
You liked my tongue just for 24 hours
Anything more was not the right way

The wrong moves on the right girl
The bad girl got the backlash
And the forgotten girl a whiplash
I can still taste you on my moustache
But you are all just a demonic flashback
I’m taking myself to hell and back
Giving myself no peace until
The mind is dead from the overkill