The tragedy is all around us
Catastrophic decisions
Bring poverty
When the politicians
Change seats
We fight over what’s left
The mismanaged funds
The underfunded hospitals
The exasperated nurses
The clumsy do little doctors

I salute the honest worker
Slaving hard neck deep in shit
No time to sleep at all
Managers just say
Deal with it
The shoddy torn plastic gloves
The five pence wipe worn visor
Washing their uniform in the launderette
Just like Nick Kamen

While all this manipulation
Smells stale in the air
Another corrupt businessman
Says he will help
But disappears
Into thin air
In the end I feel numb
I can’t help
Sat at home rotting
Waiting for the deniers
To come onboard
Or die
Anything to get this under control

Summer returns
Sunbathing without masks
Tits out
Brains turn to jelly
Suncream on
Hand sanitizer forgotten
Preservatives reused
So why are they coughing

Vaccination queues out of control
The local tabloids scream
When I went the same day
There was no problems seen
Helping hands
Loyal professional people
Whizzed through the vaccine line
Grateful for sane honest people

As I come to terms with the world
I’m too tired to stand up
As I come to terms with myself
I cannot just shut up
I can’t sit hear waiting
With so much more to do
It seems I have more miles in the tank
This poet ain’t through

With energy levels low
And blood pressure high
I’m determined to make one more splash
Before this pancake dies
People and the planet needs help
I want to free the entangled turtle
Can I sit in the shade on a desolate island
Looking out to sea and humming deep purple
If only it was so easy
Just let my life and poetry flow
Next time I might just know
Where do I go