In plain thinking
Upon the plains
People went to war
With nothing to gain
When boredom plunders
The swords are blunt
You have to have momentum
Unless you’re a lazy cunt

Fighting the battles of others
Another axe to the chest
A dagger embedded in the shoulder
You can imagine the rest
A crude form of hockey ball
The soldiers don’t wear Nike vests
Heavy cumbersome armour
Snagging at the hairs on your chest

We’ve got scars
We’ve had war
Petty quarrels
Some rancore
Fighting the enemy
Battling my brother’s
It’s all sticks and stones
In a field of broken bones

Nobody knows why they’re fighting
They’re just lined up to attack
The forgot to strengthen their shields
Hope someone has their back
The stench of bloodshed
Amputated limbs
The sweat and the heartache
In shit they always swim

We’ve marched many miles
Blisters and sunburn
Matted hair and beards
A language we can’t learn
Eating food gone rotten
Never being alone
Dragging your wounds to Scotland
To fill a field with bones

Through the ages
Nothing ever changes
Soldiers marching
Heading to their demise
Tactical warfare
Enemy dug in
Atrocities of yesteryear
Nobody will ever win

Infrastructure compromised
Obstacles blown away
Setting sun a deathtrap
Keeping the wolves at bay
Landmines on your trajectory
Armoured vehicles overturned
Legacy of ancient divisions
The future is burned

Poison on the arrowhead
Sulphur in our bombs
Nuclear deterrent a bluff
Have we had enough
Empires collapsed by overconfidence
The war machine stretched too thin
Greedy bastards in the senate
They bet on everything to win

Ancient cities plundered
Modern cities erased
Religious buildings burnt
Vandalism in different ways
Bridges crumbled
Ports set alight
The airports became craters
Just after midnight

The idealist rebuilds the city
Pasting over the horrific past
Hoping the peace is stable
Good relationships can last
The buildings now touch the heavens
Magnificent in steel and stone
Foundations though are unstable
If built on a field of abandoned bones