This is the voice of the silenced
From shame or even fear
The fear of being unemployed
And not having opinions clear
The people pushed into a corner
Without seeing the daylight
The arrogant boss smokes a Cuban cigar
Sleeps on a bed made from workers broken bones

The weight of every broken man
The tears of every seduced woman
The laughter forgotten long ago
Paradise is a meal on the go
Nobody speaks out
Nobody talks out of turn
Nobody wants to rock the boat
This is on behalf of the people

I can’t keep my big mouth shut
Even if you wired my jaws together
I’m hostile to the oppressor
Who thinks this is the way
To keep the workers in line
To keep the production on time
To keep afloat the weak economy
To punish those who speak their mind

And when work is over and the day has already retired
You can’t watch a film because you are tired
You smoke too many lethal cigarettes
Just to keep track of your careless mind
A drink or two just to calm the nerves
Relaxing after tea is what you deserve
Your coughing wakes you up yet again
Wheezing like a tornado here comes the pain

The miners and the builders are the minority
The mills in the north of England
The French polishers and the joiners
Who are all broken at their joints
Waking up tired before the sun rises
Two slices of toast and a weak brew
Grabbing the corn beef sandwiches for lunch
Don’t miss the bus what ever you do

The dirty factories with shoddy glass roofs
The asbestos downpipes broken in two
The miners black as midnight twice over
Pushed to their limits for fuel
Nobody speaks about health and safety
Nobody complains about long hours
This is a big fuck you to the directors
Who is killing each and everyone one of you

Traditional work and the shipyards are closed
Miners at a minimum where is the work
Home delivery and the bloodsucking Amazon
Treating you like a number it’s Armageddon
Working the tables on your holiday
Wearing a short skirt to get a pay raise
Double shifts just to pay the rent
Who is listening to their cries

In parliament they announce new laws
While they take your rights away
They propose flexible working
Maybe for half the pay
They killed the working class with a memo from Thatcher
Sent you to dole on the outskirts of Moss Side
You became Shameless you became the forgotten
Like a deformed fruit destined to become rotten

Nothing every stays the same yet it’s all the same
People are stressed and depressed yet again
It’s still nine to five but it’s the night shift
Blistering fingers and broken dreams
On behalf of all the people you’ve destroyed
Mentally and physically and morally
Sent them to the brink with smoke filled lungs
The ulcers from drink and anxiety and regret

I want to name everyone that has died prematurely
From the fumes and sawdust and suicide
People crushed in the cogs of this machine
Two many brilliant people have died
This is not a life and it’s not freedom
It’s a prison sentence and a death warrant
Shattered people living tattered lives
Just to give someone else a luxury
We should divide the hardships between us
Making the strain a manageable asset
Nobody should be left to suffer alone
Nobody should hold all the world’s wealth
On the behalf of the broken people
I state my case in some questionable poetry
So before you kill somebody else
What are you going to do for me ?