You can be athletic as can be
But don’t piss all over me
I’m the one with failed organs
But you have a hole in your heart
I don’t want you to die
In front of the cameras of this world
You are a football legend
Why did it go this way ?

Pumping iron, man of steel
Poster boy, pay packet over load
We the normal people , the tifosi
Why the fuck did you scare me
You can die before me??
Why do you have physical strength
I can’t ride a bloody bicycle
I’m the one with broken bones

You dream of European dominance
I dream of surviving the day
I don’t know what the fuck I’m saying
Yet I’m here to burn a new day
As you lay in a hospital bed
Thinking of all the passes you never did
The dream the perfume of Rome
Lifting the dented trophy

And me I slide
Into another state
Wanting to dominate
Knowing it’s too late
Books don’t sell
Poems are a bore
Old hat bold features
Fuck the score

I want to say I love you
But your dad is a butcher
Your mum would kill me
Sweet eyed but a vulture
Moving on I’m chaos
Getting old is my loss
Heart is beating missing the rhythm
Fuck the enemy who is my boss??

Blood examination toxic
Hard to know I’m so sick
Fuck this I’ve survived a pandemic
Now I withdrawn like I’m paraplegic
No more legs to stand on
Hopes and dreams have long gone
Fell in love with a deserted bride
In love I could never hide

Done this all before
So screwed I am sore
Deep dark holes within me
Sunglasses but still I can’t see
Love you but you hate me
Don’t look just deflate me
One minute I’m in ecstasy
But that is not so me

I am so flawed
Feel like a fraud
Don’t know what’s in me
Heart still beats
Under the clouds I sense defeat
Why can’t I be me

Sucking on the straw
Of a world no more
All the ace bands have folded
Living in the past
Of good ideas that won’t last
What didn’t you tell me

And all my broken bones
Are scattered in this room
From the window to the hallway
I don’t know why I’m fucked
I’m living without any energy
Feel like a bloody zombie

I want to declare
That I’m everywhere
But no-one desires me
I love your smile
And energetic hips
But don’t despise me

Broken bones in the laundry basket
Southern fried chicken on the menu
A date in the local cinema
That is when I first kissed you
When your dad found out
I was buried in a shallow grave
I knew that he would chop me up
So don’t call me naive

That one kiss warmed my soul
I knew it would be the death of me
Now I’m your dog’s broken bones
Now you can worship me
I’m in your puppies bowl
But I’m not in the local paper
Because I’m a poet with no fortune
Discarded like this towns dirty diaper

Now I’m just broken bones
You can move on to another
Hopefully the homemade stew
Is not made by your over eager mother
As I lay here in pieces
I’ve felt so amiss
But one thing I will never forget
Is that first delightful kiss