The stream is down
The internet hazy
Crime on the up
Everyone’s crazy
Another tragedy
This time in Ardea
Three lives taken
Social erosion

What was he doing
Walking around free
When that young soul
Had more problems than me
He took possession
Of his dead dad’s gun
Killed two kids
Like he was having fun

Soul erosion
Political meltdown
Radioactive policies
Covid has won

Where is the dignity
Where is the desire
To respect everyone
Instead of setting them on fire
Raping your neighbours daughter
Giving drugs to your gran
Where is the so called justice
Catch me if you can

Everything has become cheap
Society in decay
Walking into a field of barbwire
Looking the wrong way
Denial on the menu
The vaccine is purgatory
Death to the believers
Total insanity

If monkeys ran our countries
We would have an escape
A chipmunk has more intellect
Add the heart of an ape
So much jealousy
And too much greed
Our parliaments full of wankers
Full of fucking weeds

Historical divides
War in the holy lands
The church selling pedofilia
Staining our lands
The untouchable priest
The killer constable
The corrupt politician
Kissing the mafia

Why why why
Do we still commit
So who who, who
Should admit
Who is in charge
Who has a way through
Instead of money bags
Fucking up you

Johnson you wanker
Salvini you clown
Trump was a sick politician
Who lucky for us fell down
Don’t trust the thugs on the right
Or the fake saints on the left
Even the populist parties
Would sell you death

Go for a quick kebab
The Manchester bomber missed
Ambulance late
A country pissed
Ignorance reigns
Intelligence neglect
Social erosion
With no regrets

Cunts cunts everywhere
Nobody will be saved
No fucks given
You won’t be saved
Sacred, sacred rights
Nobody responds the telephone
No more heros tonight
Everyone will die alone

Profits and projections
The scourge of society
Investment for tax relief
Bollocks for you and me
Social erosion the coasts are clear
The light dims in the tunnel
The lighthouse neglected
Oil tankers run aground

Burn burn the fuel
The desire for power
Remove all those wankers
Johnson put in power
String that cunt up
For all the victims of his regime
The way he handled this pandemic
Is so fucking obscene

Social erosion
Nobody retaliates
Let the wankers win
Now it’s too late
What you going to do
Share on facefuck
Or are you going to be real
And stand the fuck up