I would put a ring around your roses
And a knot in your tie
I would be a pardon in the confession box
The onion to make you cry

And I
Got upset
When you went
Doo wop
And do what
You meant

I want to know why you left me
You had something of mine
You went without charging my battery
So that was out of line

The tissues you left were used
Full of snot and false hope
The cotton buds alone and abused
And now I can’t cope

And I
Was mystified
When you bent
Doo wop
And do what
Ever that meant

I want to know I miss all
Of the uncomfortable noises you made
All of the embarrassing stains
In this bed where we laid

All those sticky sanitary towels
Stuck to the sides of the bin
It doesn’t empty by itself
Some situations you just can’t win

And I
Was pissed
When you left
Doo wop
And do what
Is hell bent

All the cooking I had to do
Just to please you
Then you complained
About lack of salt or taste
The huge portions
Because I hate empty plates
All the clothes indecisions
Where I had to wait

All the complaints of lack of trust
All the boring bedtime stories
All your fucking stupid ideas
In your search for karma and glory
All the restrictions to keep me in
All your fucking morals
You never stuck to your guns
The end it came and wasn’t funny

Do I miss you
I miss something
But in the end
Our story was nothing
It was good at the start
Until we started to talk
Unfortunately it happened often
I had to escape

And I
Was angry
With myself
Doo wop
And do what
Is in your head

I feel your pain
I know your fear
I’m sad to state
I can’t have you near
What you have now
Is fucking killing me
All this fight
Is just slicing me

And I
Respect that
And need to
Doo wop
And do what
Is good for you

Leave and don’t remember me
Stay and fucking kill me
Make it quick and a surprise
Don’t back off when I open my eyes
I won’t put up a struggle
I won’t even fight
Suffocate me with a pillow
Do it tonight

Wake up in the morning and cry
Say it was a form of suicide
Don’t answer too many questions why
How many times have I tried
Put to bed your worst nightmare
Life’s a cunt and is never fair
Get on with your complicated life
Become someone’s loyal wife

And I
Won’t be remembered
Died alone
Doo wop
And do what
Is pleasurable
To you alone