From my phone I see her smile
Makes all the waiting worthwhile
We don’t have much time
This doesn’t come cheap
I know that by this time next week
She won’t remember me

Can we dream
Can we pretend
Can we flirt
Until the video call ends
Is there any truth
In that she’ll fly to me
From a thousand miles away

She could come over
When the COVID count is lower
Bring a big sun hat
And some very strong suncream
I will give her a tour of Rome
We’ll eat something fancy too
I’ll show our sea and beach
But that’s for now only a dream

Can we plan
We can smile
Put everything on hold
Just for a while
Hope there is some truth
That she’ll fly to me
From one thousand miles away

She wants to show me how to swim
And for a kiss she’ll teach me too
When I see her in her bikini
I don’t know what my heart will do
Maybe some pirates will steal her
Then I’d be helpless all over again
But just five minutes with her
Well it just eases all the pain

We can laugh
We can cry
Will it work out
Or will we fail
Hope this summer
You will fly to me
From a thousand miles away

She surveys the scene everyday
A survivor from a far off land
That’s always on the brink of war
She doesn’t need saving
Will she have the guts to save me
Routine recklessness some more.