This isn’t Hollywood
It isn’t the case about the world
Against the loveable pirate Johnny
It’s not fast and furious beyond the grave
It’s about a nameless man
Caught up in an eternal struggle
Got all his priorities wrong
And ended up in a muddle

He didn’t realise he got so old
But inside himself he was still young
But all the world saw was his decay
Wishing la mummia would fade away
It would haunt your innocent dreams
Conflicting reports saying candyman
He’s on the wrong side of the mirror
You don’t need to call his name
He’s real and lives in your proximity
The linen sheets you wrapped around me
Thinking the wrappings would way me down
Cast into the sea of despair like a religious relic
That had become outdated and difficult to repair
Eyes torn out by fish and disintegrated by sewer overflow
Bolts screwed into the ear so I cannot hear no more
The chains on my  ankles my wrist and my neck
Sent to the bottom like a haunted shipwreck
Weighed down with my guilt and my shame
Hopefully never to be seen ever again
But I’m back and I’m alive
In a sick kind of morbid way
I smell like a bus full of aging rockers
That are unwashed for 21 days
I can’t see because I still bleed
From my eyes and my ears
And my throat is blocked from twenty bottle tops
I gorged myself on as I struggled on the sea bed
You say I’m not alive but I don’t seem dead
I’m back from beyond or am I in your head
The chains that clank my bones that creek
Cuts on my face from a seagulls beak
I’m a mess I’m alone nothing has changed
La mummia is different I’m feeling strange
Condemned to the archives
To gather dust and rust
Unloveable rogue in youth they trust
Bodily organs fail never to be embalmed
Lost my way and I’ve lost my charm
I’m coming back
Is that fair?
Can you smell the perfume of arrogance
In my seaweed coated hair ?