We flow along
Not knowing the score
The pain and agony
Not knowing what it’s all for
Taking sides
That doesn’t make sense
Life is greener
When you’re sat on the fence

We listen
To all the shit they say
Dumb assed comments
When the idiots play
Mind numbing direction
I can’t hear what you say
You got your objectives knotted
You can’t find a way
To live
Is a fools game
To die
Is to be a coward
To be sane
And eat mushy peas
To drink
And get some hereditary disease
Just move along
Make life take the flow
Open your eyes
On what you need to know
It hurts
As you fight to survive
But we have to stay alive
Dead end jobs
Bosses are jocks
Missing the straps
It’s all gone to cock
Do they listen
To what you have to say
When you go missing
They celebrate all day
Of your poisoned mind
Said sorry too much
Berated for being too kind
The girls got so pretty
But they have no soul
The last fish in the polluted sea
They aren’t worth fuck all
Make enemies from molehills
Everything meets the eye
Tailored to suit just somebody
Is there truth within a lie
Sceptical horizons
Sun sets on peace

The easel unbalanced
Undercurrent underneath

© Darren Hobson 2022