I have some news
If you want to hear it
Mixed words mixed ideas
A little incoherent
Judging rashly
Too much to say
My stamp on your documents
Just got in your way

Believed in my wit
And what wasn’t mine
I had some energy
But so little time
There is a huge void
Where my self esteem use to be
Got laid off the tracks
With my incoherent poetry
Sometimes I should shut up
Save the day
Did my spiky arrogance
Get in the way
My mouth a mine field
Explosions uninvited
Avoid the tongue lashing
Dilute with sodium nitrate
Every chemical a hazard
All foods a poison
The drink is murky
Life lost its fun
When did it get complicated
When did I become the enemy
Maybe I believe in fairytales
More coherent then my poetry
Life threatening diseases
Taken in its stride
Keep the doctor smiling
While deep inside I die
Furious with others
Angry with myself
How did I get this old
Is living my wealth
Debts with others
I always cast aside
Stronger people than me
Have already died
They have forgot about the pandemic
The war they choose to ignore
Red weddings on Instagram
Self belief on the floor
Fish dinner dates
Obnoxious high heel shoes
Turbo power for a climate disaster
Who is sponsoring you
Mismatched sentences
Incoherent words
The fever of overthinking
Fantasy tuned up to absurd
Patching myself up
To live a little more
But when I’m empty of belief
What am I doing it for?

© Darren Hobson 2022