Too much grime
Got to wash it away
Use some elbow grease
In the heat of the day
Persistent stains
So much horse hair
Got a message from the dust devil
Who gets everywhere

All suds and sonic booms
And electromagnetic therapy
Scrubbing with the toothbrush
To clean up my poetry
The candles are out of wax
And the day was getting grim
The waves got high and dangerous
Anyone want to swim
The whirlpool in your mind
See life getting sucked in
We’ve got to refloat the Titanic
But we don’t know where to begin
Open the windows
Let the air in
Instead we got flies and pollen
Shut the doors
The drafts are floored
And now we have twice to clean up on
Never ending circles
We mop from here to there
Then along comes a spider
And we have footprints everywhere
Old timer once little miss muffet
Get off your stool and start to mop it
We’ll never have time to bake our daily bread
Because the witch is grime and Dorothy Gate is dead
No clicking heels
That just won’t do
You can prance with Prince
When you are through
So give the ants the marching orders
And check the drains in the sink
There is enough grime in here
To send you over the brink
Just as you are seeing light at the end of the tunnel
The cat sneaks into his sand to take a crap
But something goes wrong
And the turd tags along
And the cat draws shit trails
Trying to get red of it
From here to eternity
Out with the mop
To clean up the poop
Got your cleaning cycle on
A continuous loop
The second cat is choking
Hairball spectacular vomiting
Aiming for the cushions and the chair
After 5 hours of home cleaning
Sweating and stressing and polishing
We now have dripping acid stalactites everywhere
Fuck it I’ll finish it tomorrow
This is a lost cause
As you spot the wet tiles in the kitchen
Full of someone’s dirty paws
The think it’s fun
But the work is never done on time
Send the brooms back to the cobwebbed cupboard
I’ve had too much of this grime