Where once laid a silhouette
An empty shadow at your feet
With silence upon the ground
As desolate as a winter street
As cold as a dagger without fun
As lethal as a double barrelled shotgun
As insignificant as a crucifix
Cross my heart and I hope it sticks

Branching out upon rural lines
The trains that never run on time
Clock work dolls in a pantomime
A play on words that no one can see
Just the toxicity in my poetry
What do you want from me
Celebrations as the giant falls
Endless parties will surely follow
Collapsed by my Achilles heel
Do what you want but don’t feel
The stench of my  presence now the past
Gone from the bars at long last
People pleased they are not in my shadow
No words no regrets good riddance silhouette
I had a crush then it was through
I didn’t mean to upset any of you
Got a squeeze from my overbearing vice
I tried too hard to be nice
But in the end I exploded with venomous spores
Closed myself in behind invisible doors
Shot my load in the dead of the night
I always felt my demeanour wasn’t right
Was I a threat you couldn’t bear
A great panda that got everywhere
Got my emotions high my love extinct
Now I’m empty and mean nothing
Where once was my silhouette
Lies a hole and some regret
That in time will fade away
Buried in the grime of yesterday
A pothole in your memory
A road that lead to a dead end
Maybe you hoped I’d just vanish
As I drove you around the bend
Endless roadsigns and no victory
There was no superhighway away from me
Traffic jams from poorly organised flow
Everyone wants to leave with nowhere to go
So many questions and no reason why
A mountain of truth the molehill a lie
Taming of the shrew headbutting kangaroo
Down under the tears where is the real you
Improbability high algebra low
Percentage a share of what to know
Measure the perimeter foot by foot
A fading toxic silhouette